StartUp-Manager missing on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

The StartUp-Manager is no more included in Ubuntu as from version 12.04.
A suitable substitute is Grub Customizer.
It can be installed with:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:danielrichter2007/grub-customizer
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install grub-customizer

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5 responses to “StartUp-Manager missing on Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin”

  1. Milind Padalkar says :

    Thanks! How do I hit a LIKE to this post?

  2. Stefan says :

    It seem to be completely useless to a beginner as me…. They have really destroyed Ubuntu and all dists developed from Ubuntu. Just pure junk today. As a beginner You can’t do anything simple. You can’t cjange DNS an easy way, You can’t edit GRUB2, You can’t add shortcuts an easy way. Even the old Red Hat 5.2 was more easy to use… Ubuntu team suck big fat ### ! Sorry, but i do hate EVERYTHING about it today. It is pure JUNK ! Unity killed my interest.

    • Ubuntu Marko says :

      Stefan, the thing about Unity is that for everything you’re not sure how to do, you just hit the window button which brings up the hud and then type what you want to do, and then it’s easy to get places from there. For instance, to change DNS settings just hit the window button and type “network”. An icon appears labeled “network tools”. Click on it then choose your network card and click on the “configure” button. After 10 mintues of practicing looking up things this way and seeing how smart the hud is at knowing what you’re searching for, I bet you’d change your mind about how hard it is. Plus, it’s Linux, you can configure it however you want if you don’t like it. I did away with the side icons completely and put Mac-like icons at the bottom that animate when you click on them just like a mac. You could also put a menu system exactly like Windows. You can also change the color or style of anything. And, since Ubuntu has arguably the largest support base of any Linux (which is the most important thing about a Linux distribution), if want to know how to do anything you just google something like “pangolin add mac icons” or “pangolin change DNS settings” and you’ll get several hits including screenshots and youtube videos. Sounds like you read NOTHING yet installed it, and after clicking around for a few minutes decided it was too hard. Is that to be the basis of approach for everything you encounter in life? Read. Put forth some effort. Achieve. People that have mastered these things are not smarter than you.

  3. stan says :

    I got ubuntu 12.04 lts working on a gateway dt10g,multi boot.I can run winxp.ubunto installs,as long as you got active ethernet connected, motherboard or anything drivers needed.I was using a wireless mouse and keyboard installing.printer/scanner installed,no drivers.logged to google.great free software(dvdread4 for dvd encoded).what’s more it’s free.enjoying using it

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